Speaking the truth, i actually like pictures. You can tell it from some of my previous post  if you read my blog. Yeah, and i really like collecting weird pictures from around the world. Some of it makes me feel funny and some of it, makes me say "oh man, what is this"?

Here, some of my weird picture collection which i grab from the internet thanks to Mr Google for this pictures. i really enjoy it even though some of it makes me speechless. So, enjoy the pictures guys.

" man, do you really like to kiss people's a**"?
what would you think?

Look like your eyes are going to blow up!
People might think this person is crazy!

Actually i prefer being a women, but what to do. I was born as a man.

Oh man..

I miss her so much! really

How do i say it. They are weird people! Do what you want to do but do something that people can accept it, ok? So, what do you guys think?

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amirah said...


NadiaShafiqa said...


mujur tengok siang2 hari..

Mohd Shahrul Hafizi said...

One of my ex-gf had told me I was a weird man. But till now, we still friend. Hehehe.

Amirah Rashid said...

erghh. freaky gilaaaaa -.-

tehr said...

@NadiaShafiqaya la
nasib tengok siang