Top 10 World's Richest People

According to America Forbes Magazine, this year the Microsoft President, Bill Gates is not the world richest man in the world anymore and his seat has been replaced by Mexican Telecom tycoon, Carlos Slim Helu with 53.5 billion dollar of fortune defeating Bill Gates by 0.5 billion dolar of fortune.. Forbes also announce few names as the world richest people. Here top 10 world richest people. Chek it out.

1. Carlos Slim Helu

Coming in third place last year, this year he become the first. Mexican business magnate, philanthropist and the Chairman and CEO of Telmex, Telcel and América Móvil. His property is worth $53.5 billion. Age 70 years

2. Bill Gates

Last years' number one, but this years fall to second. American business magnate, philanthropist, and chairman of Microsoft,, well known software company with property worth $53 billion. Age 54 years

3. Warren Buffett

American investor, industrialist and philanthropist. He is one of the most successful investors in the world often called the "legendary investor Warren Buffett. Primary shareholder, CEO and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. His fortune worth $47 billion at the age of 79.

4. Mukesh Ambani

Chairman, managing director and the largest shareholder of Reliance Industries, India's largest private sector enterprise. His fortune is worth $29 billion. Age 52.

5. Lakshmi Mittal

British Indian steel tycoon, philanthropist, and the chairman and chief executive officer of ArcelorMittal, the largest steel company in the world. His worth of fortune is $28.7 billion at the age of 59.

6. Larry Ellison

American business magnate, philanthropist and the co-founder and chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation, a major enterprise software company. He has has acquired 57 companies in the past five years. His fortune worth $28 billion at the age of 65.

7. Bernard Arnault

French businessman. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of LVMH, a large luxury goods conglomorate consisting of over fifty luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Fendi. Also owns a tour operator, yacht builder, luxury boat maker, hotel in Courchevel and stake in Carrefour. His fortune worth $27.5 billion at the age of 61.

8. Eike Batista

Brazilian entrepreneur. Considered to be a daring businessman, he has founded companies in different business sectors, mainly in mining. His fortune worth $27 billion at the age of 53.

9. Amancio Ortega

Spanish fashion entrepreneur. has 4,500 stores in 73 countries, including new spots in Mexico, Syria. His fortune worth $25 billion at the age of 74.

10. Karl Albrecht

Announce by Forbes as the world number 10 richest in the world. German entrepreneur who founded the discount supermarket chain Aldi, one of Germany's (and Europe's) dominant grocers with his brother. He also  has 1,000 stores in U.S. across 29 states with Estimated sales, $37 billion per year. His fortune worth $23.5 billion at the age of 90

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Source, Forbes and Wikipedia

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