Google Redesign Search Engine

As you might realize, recently that there are a few changes to google search result page. Whoever didn't know, this is due to google redesign their search engine for better and easier searching process for users. If you could see, when you search for something, the result page will display a left handed panel of links which google engineers called it left-handed nav. 

The picture above ilustrated how the result page look like. The result of our search will be on the right while the new added tool is on the left.

According to google blog, new function that been added to their search engine page result are Universal Search, the Search Options panel and Google Squared.

Universal Search according to google is designed to provide user with the most relavent search. If you could see, the top panel provide this function which will suggest the most relavent genre of user's searches. So it would give user more option for their search.

Search Options panel on the other hand enables users to get a different view of their search. Maybe users want it to be just pictures.

Google also a slight change on their look, especially on their logo which looks modern but attractive to the users. This new look and new design of Google is showing that Google is trying their best to fulfill the needs of their user when they do a search on the internet.

So congratulation to Google for their improvement and we are hoping that it will bring benefit for all parties, the users and Google.

4 Komen:

Mohd Shahrul Hafizi said...

Agreed! It makes my journal searching much easier than before. (padahal aku search guna Science Direct je). Hahaha.

.::WaNiE::. said...

yup perasan gak dah lai

zul efron said...

tapi tak lawa la..

Amirah Rashid said...

google mmg terbaek wehhh :D