Revealed: Rejected Player of Brazilian 2010 squad

Ok, as everybody know, Fifa World Cup is Back and its around the corner. There are 45 days to go according to Fifa official website. I'm sure that every team already announce who will be playing for their favorite team right?

But, according to one of my facebook friend there are a lot of people who actually want to be with Brazil's squad for this coming world cup. But unfortunately Brazil's coach, Carlos Dunga rejected them because of a few reason that i cannot mention here. hehe

So, who want to be a millionaire know them? Ok,, fine, look at them, so poor rejected player :D

i bet you, if this players called for Brazil, im sure they will win the cup back. haha. So, what do you think? are they qualify? Please note that the best goal keeper is there! haha

Ok, fine, just kidding. :D

p/s don't say anything. is not me who do this, a was just tagged in this picture so i take it and share it.

p/s/s this is what happen when you are boring and don't have work to do. I think a lot of picture out  there are using this technique.. Photoshop!

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