New Fashion in New Millenium

I'm a bit lazy at the moment to write anything here. So a simple update from me. Just want to share some of pictures that i discovered from the internet. Thanks to Mr Google for helping me out. :P

They kinda weird with this. I was wondering, do they feel happy doing this? Hmm.. They are the one who know the answer. 

I think only tiger will say " oh baby, you look hot"

He is doing acupuncture i guess

I think he doesn't have zip on his pocket. that is why he is doing this.

I can read his mind. He is saying "hmm, I'm the sexiest man on earth"

Oh, god. I think someone go raba-raba his breast and she is happy with that.

Contraction Worker who paint his head after his boss didn't pay his salary.

New species Of human or what?

Boring with primitive hair style hah.

"I love playing chess! that is why i tattooed my body with this.
I can play chess every time and everywhere!"

The world are getting weird day by day. What people will do in the next 20 years from now. Sometimes its freak me out thinking about the world today.

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