Sukau : Kinabatangan Wildlife Sancturay

Sukau village is located in Kinabatangan Sabah, beside the Kinabatangan River. It is famous with the  smallest elephant species in the world, Borneo Pygmy Elephant. If you are lucky, You can rent a boat with a reasonable price and go for river cruise and you will met this Pygmy Elephant just at the river bank.

Proboscis Monkey

The Kinabatangan River is the second largest river in Malaysia and the longest is the Sungai Rajang in Sarawak, Malaysia. Along the river, you can find a leaf eating monkey, that is the Proboscis Monkey, which is found only in Borneo Island. And for your information, this place has the highest Proboscis monkey concentration in Malaysia.

Some of the place that you will see along the river

During my visit to Sukau, i think it is not my luck because we didn't manage to find any of the Borneo Pygmy Elephant. We only manage to met the Proboscis monkey. But Next time, if i  have a chance to get back there, hope i will met them.

Picture that i manage to get with my cheap camera. So sad i don't have dslr

There are also cave there. if you wish to visit the cave, you will need to walk around 1 hour to get there through jungle. But don't worry, you will not climb any hill to get there. :D


If you wish to go here, you can stay in any chalet run by the local here or stay in Kampung Sukau Bed & Breakfast.

And one thing, Dont forget you Camera!!

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