Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park Picture Collection

This is my collection of Tunku Abdul rahman Marine Park pictures during my visit at this park. This place is so beautiful. Your visit is worth. Its far from the bustling city and the beauty of the nature really make you feel better. its hard for me to express the it with words, just enjoy the pictures!!

Manukan island

you can feed fish here with your hand

Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park

Manukan Island beach


wild flower at tunku abdul rahman marine park

tunku abdul rahman marine park

tunku abdul rahman marine park

tunku abdul rahman marine park jungle

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

Pulau Gaya, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine ParkPulau Gaya Jetty

Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine park is a cluster of 5 Island including Pulau Gaya,Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Mamutik and Pulau Sulug. it took 10 - 20 minutes by speedboat ride from Sutera Harbor's Marina or Jesselton Point, the Marine park is covering some 4,929 hectares of land and sea. The Marine Park was gazetted as the National park in 1974 and named for the nation's first Prime Minister. This Marine Park offers you white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. The Park also has some of the most diverse coral reefs and marine life in the world.

tunku abdul rahman marine parkWhite Sandy Beach of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park

This marine Park is an ideal location for divers. The reefs lie in shallow waters with little current making it an ideal location for novice divers. It also an interesting location for experienced divers and underwater photographer because of the diverse and rare marine creatures. There are also variety of marine life can be found such as Scorpion fish, Blue-spotted rays, cuttlefish, mantis shrimps and the occasional green or hawksbill turtle.

Tunku Abdul Rahman marine parkFish in The marine park. You can even fed the fish by hands

Sometimes, at some locations, rare creatures such as harlequin ghost pipe-fish and mandarin fish can be found especially with the help from local dive guides. During the cooler months from November to February, plankton blooms attract krill which in turn attract whale shark, the world's largest fish. At times, the density of the krill v=can be so thick in these murky conditions underwater encounter with these colossal animal can be exciting as they suddenly appear out of the gloom.

World War II, Tunku Abdul Rahman marine ParkRemnant of World War II

There are also remnant of World War II bomb found at Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

How To get There

If you wish to go there, there are daily boat services available from the jetty of Jesselton Point at Kota Kinabalu City Center from 7.30am to 5pm. Here, express boats transport visitors to the park and back to the jetty of Jesselton Point. You can also Head to Sutera Harbor's marina where they provide you services to go and pick up from the marine park.

For more info, contact

Sabah Tourism Board, 51 Gaya Street, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia.
Tel: +6088 212121 Fax: +6088 212075 Email: info@sabahtourism.com

Danum Valley Rainforest

danum valley
Some kind of animal footprint found. This must be a footprint of a wild pig. It as big as an average 7 years old child. If we enter the jungle, there are a lot more unidentified footprint found especially on soft soil.

beautiful flower, flower, danum valleyBeautiful Wild flower. Wild Flower can be found anywhere in Danum Valley. They also provide a trail where there are lots of Orchids found there!! It just amazing to see those wild orchids.

danum valley, birdsLove Birds!! Just nice to watch such lovely birds during the night safari in Danum valley

danum valley, segama riverSegama River. There are lots of freshwater fish and freshwater prawn found in the river. This River also a home of monitor lizard.

danum valley, monkeyA species of monkey found in Danum Valley. This Monkey move in a large group, and this one i manage to get a photo of it. Its a small monkey with a long tail. I dont't have any idea what species is this. Maybe the expert can tell us.

       There are a lot more interesting things you can find in Danum Valley. If you are lucky, during your way entering Danum Valley you will saw Borneo Pygmy elephant at the road side, and some times the elephant is resting in the middle of the road. Some of the people with that experience told that they need to wait for a few hours for the elephant to go away. if you force the elephant to get away, i might get angry and hurt you.
       Other than that, you can see lots of different species of monkey and birds. The jungle also is amazing. For who've been to Danum Valley, the feeling must be very different.
       There are also Sumatran Rhino Can be found in Danum Valley. But you must be very lucky if you found this animal because the number of this animal in Danum valley is not high. You need to stay a few days inside the jungle to be able to saw this animal, but it also depend on your luck. According to International Rhino foundation, there are only 12 to 15 Sumatran Rhino living in sabah, Malaysia!!!! This is Shocked but that is the fact.
There are a lot more to discover in Danum valley. Its Jungle, the Animal and many more. For who want to visit Danum valley, i welcome you. Place your booking at
Borneo Rainforest Lodge or you can go to Danum valley Conservation Area. There are lot more awaiting!!!